Why Every Diabetic Would-Be Mother Need Comfy Maternity And Nursing Wear

Pregnancy is just a phase, but motherhood is for life. Thus, staying prepared is the most important thing that will determine how smooth this journey ahead will be. Getting suitable maternity clothing and nursing wear in advance will help you stay prepared to deal with many complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Having diabetes during pregnancy is one such condition that requires preparedness in advance. Since we are observing World Diabetes Day, let us focus on what it is and how having a pair of comfy maternity clothing and nursing were can add little more comfort.

World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a becoming a rather common condition that is marked by the presence of high glucose level in the bloodstream. It has many subsequent effects, if left untreated for long. It possess threats for both the baby and the mother if it onsets and stays in action even during pregnancy. It is quite tricky to identify it on your own as most of its symptoms are quite similar as to normal pregnancy itself. These include dry mouth, fatigue, lethargy, frequent urination, frequent thirst, frequent hunger etc. However, you should consider a consultation if you experience them in extremities along with blurry vision, and tingling sensation in feet and hands.

Thankfully, timely ultrasound baby scans will help you keep a tab on sugar level. So, in case you are having a high glucose level in blood, while you are eating for two, consider a baby scan. Needless to say, suitable maternity wear is quite crucial for such scans, as you need to have an easy open access to your lower abdomen. Moreover, having diabetes during pregnancy, gestation or regular type makes you highly susceptible to have a c-section delivery. Due to high blood sugar, having c-section is both a highly likely scenario and highly risky procedure.

World Diabetes Day

Timely medication is crucial to deal with the consequences for the same. However, simple things such as proper maternity clothing and particularly nursing wear can offer some help. For instance, even while recovering from the c-section delivery, feeding your baby is crucial. Doing it with proper clothes is somewhat easier. It supports your breasts and while feeding your baby, you no longer need to undo the entire clothing (like you would need to with a regular gown or top). So, with timely medication and baby scans, don’t forget to get some maternity clothing and nursing wear online.

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3 Poor Decisions That You Make In Cheap Tires Shop In The Philippines

‘Discount’ and ‘Sale’, these two words have been the biggest sellers for any business. The moment one hears these words, there appears to be a curiosity among the buyers. Cheap tires shop in Philippines have been constantly using these phrases to attract vehicle owners from corners of the nation. However, deals are often not as beneficial as they promise to be. Here are 3 poor decisions that you can make while you crack a deal a tire store-

1. Buying Tires of a Car That Met With an Accident.

Many a time it has been seen that tires are cheaply sold to people without informing them about its previous use. In most of the cases when you get a good second hand, it can come from a car that recently met with an accident. No matter if the tire was damaged during the accident or not, one should always avoid such kind of tires. Call it superstition or belief, tires that met an accident are always at a greater risk of meeting another.

2. Selecting Tires on The Basis of Price And Not Quality.

People should realize that quality always wins over quantity. If a tire is being sold at a very low price, this means that either the tire has faced some damages earlier or the tire has been used a lot. Under both the situations, one will face the need to replace the tires very soon. So, it is better to avoid these kinds of tires.

3. Purchase Without Inspection.

A common mistake that most buyers make is that they purchase tires without having them inspected in front of them. Get the seller to do bubble test, drop test and air pressure test right before confirming the purchase. In this way, you would be able to overcome any faults that existed in the tire at the time of purchase.

Tires serve as a pillar for your vehicle. It can be regarded as foolishness when it comes to making a compromise with them. Cheap tires shop in Philippines are a great place to get good tires at a cheaper cost, but make sure that while doing so you are not compromising on the basics. Expect a nominal discount on the tire’s place, but exceptional discounts always have some hidden agenda. Choose wisely.

cheap tires in philippines

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4 Reason Why Your Off Road Tires Don’t Last For Long

As a vehicle owner, we always wish our vehicle to perform at its best for a long period of time. May it be a bumpy road or a concrete highway, we expect that our vehicle will serve us with equal efficiency. But have we ever focused on what needs to be done in order to get the best performance from our vehicle? Here are 4 reasons why your off road tires in Philippines didn’t last long.

Off Road Tires Philippines

Reason 1 – Poor Inspection

The foremost reason that your off road tire didn’t lasted long is because you didn’t inspect them from time to time. You do take care of the engine, nourish it with quality oil. But when it comes to tires, you simply fill them up at the gas station and then forget about them. Timely inspection may have detected problem in its initial stage and you would have fixed it at a much lower cost.

Reason 2 – No Research

When it comes to off road tires, there are hardly any brand names that you can recall apart from 1-2 worldwide brands. This is because you didn’t work on the research part. All you know is that the dealer will offer me the best tire and once the sale is done, the dealer forgets about all the promises that he made to you at the time of selling the off road tire.

Reason 3 – Price Over Quality

Cash crunch, due bills, instalments, etc., may have started to flood your mind when you saw a good tire, but the cost was too high. Then you decided to go with the cheapest one because afterall they are just tire! Choose a tire based on your budget and quality requirement. Do not hold at extreme ends, rather compare between the price and quality.

Reason 4 – Because The Mechanic Said So…

The most common reason for poor selection of tires is because the mechanic had advised so. People tend to trust their mechanics blindly, but sometimes they look for their personal gains. The result is that mechanics lure you into buying used tires and the result is that they make a good profit and you end up paying them more service charges from time to time.

Overcoming these mistakes can easily help you to take care of your off road tires in Philippines. Always remind yourself its your vehicle and it depends on for care and maintenance.

Off Road Tires Philippines

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6 Tips On How To Choose The Right Tires

Tires are important for every vehicle. It’s crucial when you bought your new car, you must buy the best tires. Otherwise, your rides will not be as good as you have imagined in your first car. If you’re looking for good tires, you should look for the shops who have tires for sales.

Tires Supplier Philippines

There are many ways that you can choose the right tire for your new car, but not everyone is an expert in knowing all the tips. Or knows, how to choose the best ones out of hundreds of choices. So, here we present the 6 tips on how to choose the right tires for your convenience.

Size matters:

Your first task will be to choose the tire size. If you don’t know it, then check the handbook you’ve been given with your new car. It will tell you about the proper size you need for the car.

To tube or not tube:

If this is your new car, then why go waste on the old tube thing? Go tubeless. It’s more advanced and you don’t need to install alloy wheels for it. The steel wheels will work the best, and it’s rust free. It has an anti-rust material coated inside of it.

Price and quality:

After going tubeless and knowing the size, you must think about the price and quality. You must go for the quality ones. However, quality tires will be a bit pricey, but then why compromise with what’s best for your vehicle? Always go for the quality.

Patterns of tread:

Look for the suitable tread patterns for your car. Think about the road conditions, the atmosphere, and then choose from the three tread patterns available.

Brands you like:

If you’re looking for some brands that you like for your tires, go for it. Brands always do not give you the best products, but if it’s for your own satisfaction, then go for it.

Overall quality:

Look for the durability and strength of the tires. Look for the manufacturing date of it. Seek fine recommendations from the tire company. Don’t forget the warranty on the tires.

Tires should strong and durable to fit your vehicle and give the comfort. These above mentioned 6 tips will let you choose the best tires for your vehicle easily.

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Choose From These Amazing 5 Nursing Covers

After your childbirth, it gets really problematic to feed your baby just anywhere. Your regular clothes will definitely not let you breastfeed your baby at ease. If you buy nursing wear online, it will give you the best price and the clothes will give you the comfort of breastfeeding your baby anytime and anywhere you want.

Here we present 5 nursing covers for you to feel comfortable while you breastfeed your baby.

Mome on Instagram “Bts for our new nursing cover ”

The blue checks will win your heart.

Mome on Instagram “SOLD”

Cute prints on the light colored cover.

Mome on Instagram “Nursing Cover Code Brown Rabbit P 300 Lightest and Breathable Nursing cover For orders and Inquiries SMS VIBER 0917 526 9116 Email …”

White cover with brown bunnies

Mome on Instagram “Nursing Cover Code Pink Elephant P 300 Lightest and Breathable Nursing cover For orders and Inquiries SMS VIBER 0917 526 9116 Email …”

Cute animals on the white cover

Nursing Wear Online Philippines

Cute pink prints on the white cover.

Each of these nursing covers has its own speciality. So don’t hesitate to buy few of them, at once. You can alter them, lend it to some other struggling nursing mom with you and also keep them preserved for your next baby in the future.

Choose from these nursing covers and buy more nursing wear online.

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10 Eye-Catching Maternity Dresses To Choose From

While being pregnant your regular clothes will eventually give up. They will start to feel tight and will suffocate you. So it is wise to buy maternity dresses and feel comfortable.

Pregnancy brings happiness but the pain is also there. You can minimize that pain by buying maternity dresses and wearing them. It will at least make you feel comfortable. Here we present 10 comfortable yet stylish maternity dresses for you to choose from.

Breastfeeding Nursing Tops

Collette is trendy and comfortable. The color blue will fish your compliment at the parties you tend to attend.

Breastfeeding Nursing Tops

Look like a princess in this white dress.

Breastfeeding Nursing Tops

Your pregnancy will not stop you from going out with your friends.


Go on a date with your husband wearing this. He will not be able to take his eyes off you.


You can wear this and attend your office easily wearing this.


Casual wear at it’s best.


Feel the wind passing through and you are not feeling hot anymore.


Feel the comfort sweeping in, and the airy feeling wearing this one.


The top will give you the feel of the latest trend. So go for it.


Be the queen of the kitty party, with this beautiful dress.

You can choose the one you want from these amazing dresses. Or, you can have it all. What’s stopping you?

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‘Bea’ Must-Have Nursing Clothes For Every Nursing Mother

After childbirth, breastfeeding is the most important thing. Mothers often ignore the need of proper nursing clothes during this time. However, if you buy nursing wear online during the nursing period, you will be more comfortable to breastfeed your baby anywhere.

Here we present 5 nursing-wear you can buy online from the house of Momewear.

1. Bea Green

nursing wear

Green nursing dress for your lively mood. Made of spandex cotton to make you feel comfortable.

2. Bea Orange


Orange is the new black. Enjoy the magic zipper. It is convenient and easy to feed.

3. Bea Pink


Pink is the color of royalty. An amazing nursing dress for majestic mothers.

4. Bea Yellow


Yellow is not a dirty fellow anymore. It gives the vibe of life. The safe zipper opens from both right to left.

5. Bea Brown


Mother earth has her color woven into your pretty dress. Enjoy the lace design that covers the zipper.

So here you get 5 amazing dresses that will make you feel yourself. So buy these excellent nursing wear online from the house of Momewear and look fabulous.

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