6 Tips To Breastfeed Your Baby At Night Hassle-Free

A newborn needs to feed at least 10 times a day. This is why wearing nursing wear for mothers throughout the day helps a lot during this time. The only nutrition a newborn needs in the first few months is breastmilk, which is very easily digestible. Thus, a newborn always wakes up in the middle of the night in hunger. Whenever you wake up at night normally, it takes some time to get acquainted with your surroundings. So, it’s granted that your sleep will get disrupted whenever your baby will wake up, but you can feed your baby without any hassle with the help of these tips.

Use A Lie-Down Position

breastfeeding tips

A lying down position while breastfeeding is beneficial for both the child and the mother. It can be a bit difficult to get into that position at first, but with practice, it can be easily done. Just lie down on your side and use as many pillows as you want to get comfortable. Make the baby lie on the side with chin touching your breasts, and his head tipped a little backward as he latches on. This way, you can both rest during breastfeeding.

Keep Your Baby Close

Breastfeeding tips

Stay close to your baby and share a room or even the cot if necessary. Just use a firm mattress with a clean sheet over it. Staying close to your baby, not only makes feeding easy for you, but it also saves you from the hassle of putting a fully awake and irritated baby back to sleep.

Wear Breastfeeding Friendly Top

breastfeeding friendly tops

If you have a habit of changing before going to bed at night, then go to bed wearing a breastfeeding friendly top. This way your baby, won’t have to wait and you can grant access easily during night-time.

Don’t Turn The Lights On

breastfeeding tips

Don’t turn the room lights on when your baby wakes up at night and start crying, otherwise they might become more cranky. Keep the room dark and quiet so that he/she falls asleep immediately. If you must look at something, keep a flashlight handy.

Be Organized

Breastfeeding tips

Keep things like a bottle of water, snacks, baby diapers, etc you may need during the night handy. In this way, you can avoid getting up in the middle of the night for every little thing.

Take Short Naps

Breastfeeding tips

Take naps whenever possible during the night. It is also highly recommended that you should nap when your baby naps during the day. This will make a lot of difference and you will feel much better.

Follow these tips and you won’t feel so tired all the time during the day.

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6 Essentials To Lift Up Your Style During Pregnancy

Every month of pregnancy is challenging in it’s own way where you keep on gaining weight more and more. Every time you gain weight you might have to buy new maternity wear. Visiting your maternity clothing store can become tiresome. So much so that you might stop caring about your style sense. So we are presenting you with six essentials that you should add to your wardrobe at the beginning of your pregnancy and maintain your fashion and style no matter what.

Belly Band:

belly band

Wearing a belly band during pregnancy can help a lot not only health wise but also fashion wise. So add a belly band in your shopping list to include in your maternity wardrobe. It not just reduces the weight on your developing body, it also holds up those unfastened jeans so that you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes longer than usual.



Invest in a good leather and denim jackets. Jackets put an extra stylish factor to your outfits. If you feel that you have gained a lot of weight you can wear a jacket. Leather jacket especially gives a slim look. Pair it with a dress for an informal party and you are good to go.

Off-shoulder Fab Dress:

off shoulder fab dress

Every pregnant woman should have a fabulous go-to dress which would be perfect for every occasion. An off shoulder feature gives an extraordinary look to the dress. It would be all the more better if the dress is in black. After all, pregnant or not, you are entitled to a black dress that can be worn in every occasion.

Maternity Jeans:

maternity jeans

If you don’t want to wear dress or leggings all the time, spend your money on a good quality maternity jeans. Wearing the same kind of clothes can get boring. Also, some women are more comfortable in jeans. If so you need not change your style during pregnancy.


maternity jumpsuit

Along with your baby’s onesies you can buy a onesie for yourself too. Jumpsuits are super comfortable if you once find one for your size. Jumpsuits can also give support to your growing belly. Buy a maternity jumpsuit or straightforward pair of overalls that you can dress it up or down and wear layers all over. Pregnancy is an extraordinary time to try different things with your style, and we guarantee you will love this too.

Rather than buying clothes every months invest good money in these maternity wear from a good maternity clothing store and enjoy pregnancy with style.

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12 Cool T-shirts For To-Be-Fathers To Wear This Father’s Day

We always talk about what an expecting mother should wear during and after pregnancy. Once a woman gets pregnant, she probably takes 3-4 trips to the maternity clothing store. During this time if you are accompanying your pregnant partner in all pregnancy-related stuff, you can accompany her in the clothes department too. This father’s day, you can buy such t-shirts made, especially for you. You can even match them with your partner or if you are a new father, you can buy t-shirts matching with your kid’s onesies.

For you, the proud father:

If you want t-shirts that you can wear casually these are some examples for you.

1. If you are a game lover, this t-shirt would be ideal for you. You can wear this if you are going out with your friends for hanging out.

game lover

2. Are you a science nerd? If you love science or you work in school and college, this shirt would be best for you.

science nerd

3. If you want something funny to cheer up your mood or your wife’s mood you can try out this shirt.


4. Are you facing your partner’s mood swings at home a lot? Flaunt this shirt when you go out, especially if your wife is in pregnancy rage.

wife is pregnant

Matching with your partner:

When you are trying to give your pregnant partner company with clothes shopping, then why not do it wholeheartedly by matching with her.

5. Showing your excitement of the pregnancy and sharing it with your partner is a get way to bond together. These two shirts are prime examples of that.

can't keep clam

6. If you normally like to pull pranks on people and you are literally a trouble maker, this shirt would be the right choice for you.


7. Announcing your good news to the world is kind of a big deal. What better way to do it simply through these two shirts?

the baker

8. If you are having a barbeque in your backyard or having a family gathering at home, these shirts will give you the casual look needed on these occasions.


Matching with your kid:

These t-shirts would be appropriate if you are a new father. If you are not afraid to be too cheesy then match your t-shirt, with your child’s onesies.

9. Well, who doesn’t like pizza? One slice of pizza is probably the best thing in the world.

pizza slice

10. What better way to show that the child beside you is your kid? Take a picture with your kid with these shirts and it will become album worthy.

copy and paste

11. Once your child enters your life you practically work day and night without much sleep and tend to drink coffee a lot. Why not make the situation a little humorous?


12. Having trouble handling your kid? Well, you would better warn others too.


Comment below and let us know which t-shirt suits your personality best.

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6 Cool Pregnancy Care Tips For Summer

Summer is almost around the corner, hope all would-be-mommies are ready to rock! Summer is all about relaxing at home, wearing comfortable yet fashionable maternity clothes, eating healthy foods and loads of healthy fluids. However, for pregnant women’s summer can be a bit risky too.

While pregnant your body temperature can increase due to the heat. Keeping your baby safe and comfortable from the heat is important to you. We are here with some refreshing summer care tips, which will keep you cool and comfortable.

1. Keep Your Body Hydrated:

stay hydrated

It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 liter of water per day. Water has many benefits during pregnancy. Water helps to transport the important nutrients to the baby, also, water makes your skin soft and glowing, reduce extra fat from the body, elicit the polluted substances, keep you hydrated, fight with constipation and keep you cool and refresh all the time. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water every day.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes:


Wear cool and comfortable clothes. A good maternity clothing store will help to choose the best cloth for you in summer. Wear loose-fitting maxi dress, tops, shorts, which will keep you cool and comfortable during summer. Choose cotton-based clothing. It will make it easier for you to breathe.

3. Eat Healthily:

pregnant eating

Eating healthy and fresh food during pregnancy is important. Keep fresh and cooling fruits, fresh foods, green vegetables in your diet. Consult with a dietician about the summer foods you should take. Avoid junk foods, unhygienic food, and stale foods at all cost. It can be poisonous to your health and also can interrupt the digestion.

4. Go For Swimming:

go for swimming

To keep your body cool in summer, join a swim class. Swimming can be an effective exercise during pregnancy. Consult with your health care provider before joining a swim class. Go for water aerobics, it is good for the body as it is stretches your body and muscle.

5. Sleep Well:

sleep well

Being pregnant is very hard for every woman. You’ll need enough rest to cope up with your exhausting body. Sleep as much as you can, give your body enough rest. You can take a power-nap in the afternoon. It is very helpful to fight with tiredness.

6. Take Care Of Your Feet:


During pregnancy, it is normal to have swelling feet. Especially in summer, the condition grows up and it makes the situation worse. For that, you need to take care of your feet daily. Take cool water treatment for your feet and lift them while you get a chance.

During pregnancy dealing with both the summer and the baby is a very daunting task. Don’t forget to pamper yourself to the best. Take a cool bath every day, get a body massage, wear light clothes and drink plenty of fluids and Rock The Summer!

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7 Tips To Look Fashionable During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, every woman’s body changes a lot. Your body got curvy and healthier. It is also important to look fashionable during pregnancy. Many women think they got curvier and they will not look good in their previous clothes!

Fashionable Pregnancy

This is a wrong idea. For you to look fashionable yet comfortable, you need to look for perfect Maternity Clothing Stores where you will get every clothes in your choice. Let’s look at how you will keep your pregnancy look fashionable yet comfortable-

1. Be Simple:

Do not overdo anything on your clothes. Wear simple and sophisticated clothes. Try to avoid busy patterns, which will enhance your curvy look. Choose solid colours with a scarf or jewelry. It will look good and fashionable.

2. Choose Colour Palette Carefully:

Fill your wardrobe with earthy colour palettes. It will be easy for you to wear your separates by doing mix and match. Much less your time and save your money from spending extra on maternity clothes.

3. Pick The Right Undergarments:

Undergarments are important for you. Picking the right undergarment will boost your confidence. Your undergarments should be well-fitted.

4. Work On Your Posture:

With all the changes in your body during pregnancy can cause you to lose the posture you used to have. Try not to push back with your hips forward. Keep your belly and hips in one line. Your shoulder should be straight. Though it’s hard to maintain, do not pressurise yourself on that. Focus on your hips and belly. Put a pillow behind your back when you sit.

5. Keep The Natural Glow:

Want to glow more during pregnancy? Start taking care of your skin more from now. Moisturize your skin daily, take care of your hair, eat healthy foods, drink water properly. Before going out use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

6. Keep Yourselves Comfortable:

It’s important to feel comfortable every time wherever you go. Buy clothes which are made of cotton or Lycra. Buy clothes from a good Maternity Clothing Stores where you’ll get everything in your hand. Wear flat shoes. Flat shoes will bring comfort when you walk on a busy road.

7. Give Yourself A Smart Look:

For a smart look, you need to choose neutral colours and mix it up with colouful jewelry or printed top. If you wear a suit, choose it in a neutral colour and then wear it with colourful jewelry or tops. Wear skirts, it will look smarter than trousers.

Always be comfortable with your clothes and be confident with yourself. Make your baby bump look radiant with style.

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Stylish Pregnancy Tips For You On This Women’s Day

Wishing you a very Happy Women’s Day from us. Are you an expecting mama and confused over pregnancy styling? This is not a very easy task to style for both of you and your baby bump. While pregnant, mama-to-be gets a lot of changes in their body. Live in style with the growing baby bump is hard for them.

Without investing too much in your pregnancy wardrobe, we are here presenting some best stylish pregnancy tips, which will help you to feel fashionable yet comfortable. In that case, choosing the best Maternity Clothing Stores is also important for the mama-to-be to feel gorgeous. Let’s see what we have in store for you-

#Choose Stretchy Dresses:

Stretchy dresses are perfect to showcase your bump. It is an one piece dress and also looks fashionable if you wear it with a pair of leggings. Stretchy dresses are very comfortable and help you to breathe properly. These dresses are ideal for every pregnant woman and one can wear as long as they want.

#Be Brave:

While pregnant mama’s get scared of choosing scoop-neck tops. We are suggesting you pull out those tops from your closet and try during your pregnancy. If you have a small chest normally these will be perfect clothing for you to choose. Nothing is wrong to show cleavage with fashion.

#Fly With Colours:

Do not fear of colours anymore! Colours are the modern maternity fashion for every modern mama-to-be. Instead of stuck in neutral colours go for a bright colour palette and show your bump with flaws. Colours are also considered as mood lifters.

#Style With Leggins:

Leggins during pregnancy? Yes! Dress in style with a pair of leggings. Wear it with a jacket and a top to make it more classy and chic. Change your leggins colour without sticking to in one particular colour. Rock it with class!

#Style-up with Sweatpants:

Got bored with jeans and leggings? Try sweatpants to look chic and feel comfy. Pair up with your favourite denim top and jacket.

#Go Skinny:

No, no skinny dipping! Go for skinny jeans while pregnant. Many clothing stores are selling very comfy skinny jeans for pregnant women’s. Appear with style in skinny jeans paired with your favourite sweater!

#Wear Loose Fitting:

Want to hide your bump from the public eye? Then try loose fitting clothes. They are classy and comfortable. Wear it with leggings or skinny jeans.

Do not loose style while pregnant, even you want to stick with your old closet or visit a good Maternity Clothing Stores. On this women’s day make your entry in style!

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