Usages of Full Color Printing and Top Indian Wedding Card Designs

The process of printing has come a long way as the technology is improving on each day. The techniques that are used today are so sophisticated that it’s possible to generate copies that look like original photos.

The procedure that is used to color printing is similar to the way how photography works. The red color filter is kept on the camera or on the full color printing lens, which generates a negative of the red light. When you are making positive print out of it, you can find blue and the green areas are left untouched.  A green filter makes a positive of other preservative colors that are blue and red.

Full Service Printing Brampton will provide you with exclusive color printing and also with superior quality digital print solutions at affordable prices. You will come across cutting edge print technology and immaculate standards which will deliver exceptional services at low-rates.

Apart from the above benefits, presently, the color printing is mostly used in the wedding cards. There is no occasion most extravagant than a wedding. Wedding celebrations last for several days.  The invitations play most significant role in Indian weddings. A groom and bride can choose an elegant invitation design that matches the culture. Couples can choose from different colors and designs which will complement their wedding theme.

Indian wedding cards Brampton will provide you with some of the amazing designs. You can incorporate a monogram in your wedding card. Monograms look elegant and classic. You can interlink your initials on a plain background or in any other background which you prefer. Just select a font in one of your wedding colors for the initials. You can add a matching monogram stamp and seal it to the back of each envelop.

If you are planning a beach wedding, you can select your wedding invitation designs accordingly. Just keep it simple. It’s better not to go for the ivory background. In this case, you can go for sea blue or soft green for your wedding cards. You can choose designs, like seashells, seahorses, and starfish for this beach wedding. You can select wedding invitation designs with palm trees, pineapples, and coconuts.

Wedding card designs in damask pattern is also available. The traditional pattern includes the white background with black damask design. You can use this design if your cards have plenty of texts. You can select a one or two inch pattern in order to frame your wedding invitations.

Traditionally, the wedding cards are maroon and have the picture of Lord Ganesha on the invitation. The maroon color is the regal color and reflects the color red that’s worn by the groom and bride on the particular day. The other bright and gold colors are seen as embellishments on invitations. Lord Ganesha is the symbol of happiness and prosperity.

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