Tips to Choose Your Wedding Cake

Designer cake for weddingYou will probably choose only one wedding cake for yourself in your lifetime. Choosing it is likely to be one of your best parts of wedding planning. So, go with your style and choose what actually makes you happy.

Start with deciding the design and flavor of your cake. These are the two most important things, which reflects the style of a wedding and the groom and bride’s personal taste. So, you need to focus a lot of your attention to it. You can go through wedding magazines, which feature cakes to get design ideas. You can even look online and check the gallery of sites that manufactures cakes. Some of you may also love to look at the old family photos to get creative cake ideas for your wedding. And when it comes to the flavors, go for the one that you both are fond of but also keep in mind the guests tastes so that they can enjoy your wedding cake as well! Chocolate is a good choice, vanilla is pure and luscious and lemon is tart and bright.

After you are done with these two things, think about decorating the cake. Ribbon, lace, bow, coils of fabrics, rosettes, row of pearls or buttons—any of these can be re-created in gum paste, icing, marzipan or meringue and repeated all over the surface of the cake. Vintage and lace are in fact hot in 2014. The beauty of handmade flowers has also become unsurpassed. So, go for the trend!

Book ahead! Don’t order online wedding cakes in Brisbane just 3-4 days before your wedding day. Order the cake much ahead of time. It will relieve you a lot. For instance, if you’re planning to get wedded in the winters, book your wedding cake a couple of months before but if its summers, six to eight months would be a great idea. You can order your wedding cake from the caterer who has been hired for your reception or from a specialty cake designer whose cake you have tasted before. However, when choosing a cake designer, get acquainted with the style of the designer by looking at the photographs as well as the tasting samples. The cake you order must not only look beautiful but delicious as well. Order wedding cakes in Brisbane from Deborah Feltham’s Creative Cakes. She is Cake Decorators Association’s member and love making cakes for all types of occasion.

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