Tips to Select an Upholstery Service

interior & Exterior decorationIf your sofa cushion has started to lose the bounce, don’t throw them! There are companies that can repair your cushioning or padding problems. After repair, you won’t even understand that it is your old bouncy cushion that you wanted to get rid of. You can find a number of  companies that offer these kind of services.  Just browse the internet and you will find hundreds of upholstery service in your neighborhood.

Here are a few tips that will help you select the right upholstery service for your need.


When you decide to choose a company that offers indoor and outdoor upholstery in Sydney, make sure you check their reputation in the industry before hiring them for their service.  You can know better about their reputation by getting in touch with their previous clients. Ask the company that you want to hire to give some references. If they disagree don’t pressure them. Just don’t use their service. But if they give you the references, call them and know how well the company is providing their service and what kind of experience did the people with the upholstery service. If you want, you can also check out the client testimonials.


The company must have expertise in dealing with different kinds of furniture and fabric. They should be able to cover lounge cushions, bar stools, dining chairs, window seats, daybeds, bbq areas, deck chairs, ottomans, v-berths, bedheads , mattresses and other furniture. If some problem with cushioning and padding takes place, they should know how to deal with it. At least, they should provide the service that you are looking for. If lounge cushions are all that they make and you are looking for something else, then better be careful before selecting.

Also check whether they understand your problem and see what they recommend you, how they explain you the process and all these things. Don’t forget to ask them how much time they will take to complete the job.


The price that they quote must be within your budget. At least take 3-5 quotes from different companies and then analyze whom to hire for your job.


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