Two Important Things to Keep in Mind If You Are Considering a Projector

Projectors provide an ultimate home theater experience with the images bursting with cinematic color and details in huge screens.  But how will you know whether a projector is for you? Wanting to turn your home into a movie theatre will not depict whether the projector is the right choice for you.  In fact, there are two important things you need to keep in mind if you consider using a projector.

Room lighting

For an LED or LCD projector to perform its best, you must be able to diminish or get rid of the light in the room substantially, whether it is room lights or daylight. Rooms that have few window panes are great for placing projectors. They provide a very good movie viewing experience with limited sunlight peeping in. If you have plans of using a projector in your room, which gets lots of natural light, you should install blackout shades on windows. However, there are a few LCD projectors, which even produces bright images in the rooms with ambient light. For this lighting issue, there are many projector owners who use TVs for viewing on a daily basis and reserves this video viewing device only for gaming or event viewing purpose.

Viewing habits as well as life span of the lamp

DLP and LCD projectors generally have a lamp life, which consists of 2000-5000 hours. This rating represents half-life of the lamp-the point where the brightness of the lamp have reduced by half. The lamp may still continue to work, but it’ll lose its brightness gradually. If you replace it, the picture will become brighter. However, it won’t be possible for you to run to a hardware shop for the lamp. The projectors make use of high-pressure lamps, which cost between $200-$500. People who watch movies run their devices eight hours every week on an average. You will not need to replace the 2000 hour lamp for four to five years. However, if you consider using the device as your TV and log four hours every day, you will need to replace it within 11/2 year.


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