Are You Planning to Hire a Commercial Cleaner?

office cleaning services in NSWDo you have your own office in NSW? Looking for a professional company to clean it on a daily basis?

You can find many cleaning companies that offer office cleaning services in NSW. Browse online and you will find a number of companies.

But before selecting, check what commercial cleaning services the different companies offer, whether they offer the service that you are looking for, check the rates of their services and see whether it’s within your budget.  You also need to check many other things before selecting and for that there are several important questions, which you need to ask your cleaner before hiring.

Have a look at the questions, which you should ask before hiring any professional.

  • What type of commercial cleaning services do you provide?
  • What are your rates for the different cleaning services that you provide?
  • Are your cleaning pros pre-screened?
  • Do you have an office cleaning experience? How many years experience do you have?
  • What cleaning products do you use for office cleaning? Do you use green products?
  • Do you hold a license?
  • Do you have liability and bonding insurance?
  • Are you providing discounts/coupons/deals for your commercial cleaning services?
  • How do you handle problems of your customers?

Asking these above-mentioned questions will allow you to determine whether the company is the right choice for you. At least take interviews of 3-5 companies and then make your decision.

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