Steps to Follow to Restore Your Water Damaged Carpet

water damaged carpetIf you need to refurbish and restore your carpet immediately after water damage resulting from flood and water leakage then read this article and we will find safety and healthy ways to restore your carpet in its original condition.

  • At first identify the cause of the water leakage or the overflow that has damaged your carpet as it will determine whether your carpet can be salvaged or not. You need to know whether the source of leakage is sanitary, unsanitary or black. Sanitary water refers to water that comes from kitchen pipes or drains whereas unsanitary water refers to contaminated sources  like that of overflowing toilet. Carpet damaged by black water are those which have been damaged by groundwater or sewage. Only those carpets damaged by sanitary water as well as unsanitary water should be restored and the one damaged by black water should be thrown away.
  • To prevent more damage you need to stop the water flow and in that case a plumber should be consulted.
  • You then need to remove the carpet from that area where the carpet was placed.
  • The wet area of the carpet should be disinfected by rubbing it with a cleaning solution of bleach dissolved in water.
  • Then tear around the wet spots of the carpet using a box-cutter and discard the padding below and elevate the carpet.
  • Place an industrialized fan that blows directly into the soiled area. Keep the fan running for 36 hours, but make sure to keep the electric cords away. Use a dehumidifier to accelerate the drying procedure.
  • Try not to walk over the carpet while it is drying. This will allow the airflow to the wet spots and avoid weakening of the laminate seal, which is underneath.
  • After 12 hours of drying, check the condition of carpet whether it has improved or not.

Now a day’s carpet cleaning companies are coming into the forefront and these above steps are followed by them to restore water damaged carpet in Perth.

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