How to Clean an Artist Paint Brush?

Artist Paint Brush-HightbrushYour brushes are definitely your investment. So, clean them properly and thoroughly at the end of your panting session because doing it so will allow it to last longer. Here is how you should clean an artist paint brush.

  • Wipe off the excess paint by using a soft tissue. Squeeze bristles from ferrule edge using your fingers or a cloth and remove the paint.
  • Rinse the tool in turpentine or in oil if you had used water-based medium. Don’t use hot water because it may expand the ferrule and cause the hair to fall.
  • Wipe it on the tissue again for removing the excess paint.
  • Wash it using a mild soap. Dab it into the soap and then work up the lather in a container
  • Rinse and repeat the process until you feel there is no color in the brush. The tool may get stained but don’t stop to rinse it until you are sure that there is no paint there.
  • Rinse again in clean and lukewarm water for removing any trace of soap.
  • Make use of your fingers to shape head of the brush into a proper shape.
  • If you think, you can wrap the bristles in a toilet paper or tissue piece while it is still wet. When paper will dry up, it will contract, pulling bristles into its normal shape.
  • Keep the brush in a room temperature for drying up. Don’t make it rest on its head rather make it stand on the back of its handle.

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