Brass Wire Brushes and Their Applications

Brass Wire BrushesBrass wire is softer than stainless steel wire and so brass brushes are an ideal option for applications where you don’t want to get the other surfaces scratched. Although the origin of these brushes has not been known yet, it’s believed that Romans used same kind of tools while manufacturing the roof tiles. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the tool also became out of use. These tools are now usually made with 360 alloy and are resistant to corrosion and rust. They can be made with the wire diameters, which range from soft to tiff, depending on the application and are available in crimped or straight brass fibers.

Some of the brass wire brushes that are available in the market include brass condenser tube brush, brass miniature and micro brush, brass scratch brush, brass plater brush, brass spiral brush, brass vacuum brush and more. There are many brass wire brushes suppliers that sell these tools.

Generally applications of brass brush include luster or satin finishing, burnishing, surface cleaning, deburring, polishing and material removal but different tools have different applications. For instance, brass scratch brush is easy to grip and is very effective for polishing, cleaning and deburring metal parts and removing metal fillings, coatings, paint and residue. On the other hand, the brass vacuum brush that has an aluminum body is meant for high temperatures, harsh environment as well as static sensitive areas.

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