Various Types of Irish Musical Instruments

Irish made concertinaIreland is known for its music. The traditional music of Ireland is known as trad. Ireland is a land of green countryside and music. Here I will be discussing some great music instruments that are being used for several years. One needs to master the style of playing these instruments.
Below mentioned are some greatest Irish instruments.

Bodharn: This is pronounced as bow-ran. This is a large drum covered with an animal skin stretched on a wooden circular ring. This is struck with a stick. This instrument can produce symphonic tune that can make the listeners dance on the floor. It is also called the heart of “trad” music.

Uillean pipes: It is traditionally known as bagpipes of Ireland. But this is very much distinguished from other bag pipes with variant tones. It was known as union pipes. It is known as the pipes of elbow because it is played by holding from the elbow. The uilleann pipes sound sweeter and quieter in comparison to many other popular bagpipes, such as the Great Irish Warpipes, Italian Zampognas and Great Highland Bagpipes .The uilleann pipes are mostly played inside the house sitting down on a chair or stool.

Concertina: This is a classic Irish musical instrument. It has got a hexagonal wooden block at the end of the instrument. There is buttons and bellows at both the end. Irish made concertina is fully chromatic.

Celtic harp: It is a triangular harp originated in Ireland and England. This is a wire strung instrument, which requires a great skill to play. The importance of this instrument can be noticed as the symbol is used on the currency of Ireland. It is very difficult to master in it. Irish people start learning playing of this instrument from the age of 7.

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