Things to Consider While Choosing a Company that Offers Antique Furniture Restoration in Sydney


An accident has damaged the finish on your piece of older or antique furniture. Keeping it that way definitely makes it look bad and so you are probably looking for a company that offers antique furniture restoration in Sydney. Right? There are many companies in Sydney offering antique furniture restoration services nowadays. You just need to choose the right company to get your job done.

There are many things that you will need to keep in your mind before choosing the company.

Find out the reputation of the company:

This is one of the most important things that you need to do. Without finding out the reputation of the company, if you hire the services of the firm for restoring your antique furniture, you might be doing a big mistake. Read the client testimonials and find out how satisfied the company’s clients were in using their services. You can even ask the firm to give the contact details of customers whom they have worked for in order to get a better idea about their workings.

What is the job they do?

Restoration includes replacing the broken or missing parts of the furniture or reupholstering. It includes all kinds of repairs, which comes from use as well as abuse. It also consists of thorough cleaning, small touch-ups using new coat of finish or applying coat of paste wax.

So, furniture restoration job includes all those services which take to return the furniture piece into its original condition or at least make it pleasing to the eye of the owner. Thus finding out whether the company you are choosing for your service does all these things is very essential. Actually, there are many companies who loses all the value of the furniture while restoration. Make sure the company doesn’t do this. The parts and fabrics they choose while restoring must go well with the piece and still make it valuable.


This is also a very important thing, which you should keep in your mind while choosing the company for your antique furniture restoration job in Sydney. Choose 3-5 companies and tell them the job that you want to get done. Ask them to give a quote to you. Compare the quotes given by different companies and find out the one who offers the least. See if it is within your budget.

Only if you find that the company is offering a rate that is within your budget, go for it. Don’t exceed your budget ever; that may cost you a lot.


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1 Response to Things to Consider While Choosing a Company that Offers Antique Furniture Restoration in Sydney

  1. Bobby Saint says:

    You made a good point when you said to find out about the reputation of the furniture restoration company first before hiring their services. It is recommended that you do a little bit of online research first and check some reviews and testimonials provided by former clients. Their comments and feedback would give you more or less an idea if the said company is indeed reliable and trustworthy. If I were to look for furniture restoration services, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.

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