Importance of Sealing Stone Floor

Stone flooring enhances the appearance of a room. It adds a touch of class and sophistication to the interior of the house.

Sealing Stone FloorCleaning the stone floor is also not a hectic affair. The only thing that homeowners need to worry about when installing natural stone materials on their floor is their maintenance. For maintaining it well, the first and foremost thing that one needs to do is get the flooring sealed. This is of utmost importance.

As a stone floor owner you should know the importance of sealing. Don’t give excuses that you are not aware of such things or that you didn’t do it because you didn’t have the money or that it wasn’t the right time to get it done. Sealing is very important and properly sealing the floor is actually going to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Why does stone flooring need sealing?
Natural stones are basically porous. If any liquid comes in contact with the stone which is unsealed, it will slowly seep through the stone and damage it. If the liquid happens to be colored, it will chemically interact with the stone causing it to stain. Sealing the stone means sealing the pores, which prevents the liquid from soaking into the stone; rather it sits on the surface from where it can easily be cleaned and removed.

What to do if unsealed stones get stained?
However, if the stone becomes stained as it was unsealed, getting in touch with a company that can remove these stains from the stones is important. There are many companies that provide stain removing services from stones but the process these companies use is bit time consuming and they don’t even offer any guarantee of attaining success.

If you want you can also replace the entire stone but that is definitely a costlier affair.

So, don’t you think sealing the stone beforehand is a much better option? Once I made this mistake of not sealing it when I had my apartment in Gold Coast. The result was I had to undergo a lot of pain and hassle for restoring the beauty of the flooring. However, then I made sure to use the service of Tile and Grout Clean, the company that offers stone sealing in Gold Coast to maintain my flooring.

How often do you need to seal the stone for your flooring?
After you are done with sealing, you can remain worry free about your flooring. You only need to re-seal the floors after every two years. Actually the seal may break down after two years and so sealing becomes necessary again. It usually breaks down after long exposure to sun. The rate of breakdown is increased if it’s exposed to the harsh chemical cleaners. If the stone happens to be in the shaded areas of your home where it is not affected a lot by the sun, then you can go longer with your previously sealed material.

However, if the sealing starts breaking down, you will get some warning signs before any damage is done to the flooring. Your floor may start to get discolored. To confirm whether the sealing is breaking down, pour a few drops of water on the seal-if it gets darker, then re-sealing is all that you will need to do.


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