How to Remove Dried Stucco Spills from Industrial Walkways?

Dried Stucco SpillsStucco is a cementitious material and the most popular siding option. This material, if dried, becomes very hard, durable and long lasting just like other cement-based materials, which are used during construction. If you have applied stucco to your commercial area and found out that it has formed a strong bond to the stone walkway of your industrial area, which is making the walkway look very dirty and messy-don’t panic. You can remove it. There are ways which you can use for stucco removal. Here we have discussed exactly about this. Try out the way given below. It really works!

Use a brass wire brush for removing the stucco spills. This brush really helps to remove the stains from the walkway completely. There are many brush wire brushes suppliers in the market. Some of these suppliers even offer their products online. If visiting the brick and mortar location is problematic for you, you can opt for a store that offers the brushes over the web. However, apart from the brush, you will need some more things like goggles, clean rags, leather gloves, sharp & flat chisel, white vinegar, spray bottle and trash bag.

So, if you want to remove the stucco spills ask your cleaner to dampen it saturating with water. Soaking the spill with wet, clean rag for ten to fifteen minutes is essential. However, ask your cleaner to put on leather gloves and safety goggles when cracking the spill with the chisel and mallet. Then advice the pro to scrape the stain with a brush wire brush. Don’t let the stucco pieces remain there after removal. They must be put in the trash bag.

However, if you still find that the stain has not been removed, then you will have to make a solution of vinegar and water. Mix one part of vinegar with five parts of water to make the solution. Then ask your cleaner to pour it into the spray bottle and spray in the affected area. Here the brass wire brush will again be required for scrubbing. Tell the person who is cleaning the stucco spill to repeat this process until it is completed removed from the industrial walkway. After it’s removed completely, it should be rinsed thoroughly.

Just make sure to take quick action. The quicker the action, the less time and effort you will take to remove the stucco spill. However, if you want, you can also use muriatic acid for removing the stains. But is a dangerous option and must be left only to the professionals.

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