3 Major Mistakes Often Made by Professionals When Using an Artist Paint Brush

Artist paint brushes should be handled very carefully. Most of the professional painters have found out that if they are taken care of, they can last for long. These painters have also noticed that in their profession, the professionals often make a few mistakes when handling an artist paint brush. These mistakes should not be made when using artist paint brushes.

Here we have discussed about three major mistakes that are often made by professionals when using artist paint brushes.

Allowing the acrylic paint to dry on the brush:  Acrylics dry up quite fast. So, when working with acrylic paint, make sure it doesn’t gets dried up. If it dries up, you will have a hard time removing the paint from the brush. Moreover, the brush will get damaged. Always try to keep the brush in wet or moist condition when using it.

Getting the paint on ferrule: Do you know what a ferrule is? It is the silvery part of the brush, which connects the handle with the hairs of the brush. A lot of painters make the mistake of getting the paint on that part. Removing the paint from ferrule is a tough job. In fact, in most of the cases it has been observed that the hairs spread apart when trying to clean the paint from that portion. It’s best not to get paint in that part.

Resting the brush with its bristles down:  This is another mistake that painters often do. They keep the brushes with the bristles downward in a cup of water. This must never be done; not even for a few minutes. It actually causes the hair to bend and the damage that’s caused is irreversible. However, some brushes which are stiff will not allow the hair to bend but in those brushes you will see the hairs spreading in water. The bristles will become frayed and puffed when dried. Brushes must be kept on a horizontal way with their bristled hanging over the edge of the work table.

Brushes are an investment. So, they must be taken good care of. Thus, make sure you don’t make these mistakes when you are into painting the next time.


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