Brass Wire Brushes: Things You Should Know

Brass wire brushes suppliersBrass wire brush in comparison to stainless steel wire or steel wire is softer. It provides a brushing activity, which doesn’t scratch any harder metals. It is generally made up of seventy percent copper and thirty percent zinc. So, when the work-piece is of copper or brass, brass wire brush happens to be the perfect choice. Also known as bronze wire brush, the brass wire doesn’t produce sparks when it is struck against the surfaces of other metals. It is even ideal for risky and hazardous environments.

There are many other components of brass wire brush like shank, cup or steel sideplate. However, these components do not offer the same kind of non-sparking protection. Thus you need to assess the full brush and its interaction with application before using it in any hazardous environment.

Brass wire is basically a great conductor of electrical energy. It is best for static reduction purposes when it’s integrated into the brass wire strip tool. The brass is apt for the operating condition that’s up to a constant temperature of 300°F. Brass wire is comparatively resistant to corrosion as well.

Brass wire brushes- Five most popular applications

  • Cleaning the plastic extrusion parts, which includes the dies, molds as well as extruder barrels
  • Satin finish aluminum sheet or extrusions
  • Static reduction brushing tools for the industrial environments
  • Cleaning the parts of a machine where the sparks may pose a threat of explosion or fire
  • Cleaning the parts of a metal without taking out any base material

Brass wire brushes suppliers supplies brass brushes in following forms: scratch brushes, twisted in wire tube brushes, wheel brushes, twisted knot wheel brushes, end brushes, strip brushes, twisted knot cup brushes, spiral wound cylinder brushes, maintenance brushes as well as brushes in form of stapleset cylinder and cup.

Different suppliers provide brass wire brushes of different kinds and shapes to their customers. Some of the providers also have online stores enabling their customers to buy the products through internet.

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