My Viewpoint About Paolo Soprani Accordions

Paolo Soprani AccordionsThe accordion popular as the old grey Paolo Soprani was a very much a favoured instrument to the people of Ireland. It was even quite popular among the traditional players in the country during the 40s and 50s. The people were in fact very much disappointed when the Paolo Soprani accordions were taken off from the market by the makers and my grandfather happened to be one of them. He was very much fond of trad Irish music and loved these accordions.

Recently, the new Paolo Soprani classic has been introduced in the market. It is modelled and based on old grey and is now available in two colours-grey and red. There is not much difference in its look when compared to the older version. I have an older version with me. It is my grandfather’s asset. However, the new model looks quite similar to the older version and has that typical ring to sound. The new instrument is even quite light, compact and handles well. The craftsmanship is also quite exquisite. If you want to ask me about this, I would definitely say that it is a very fine instrument. I haven’t seen a more compact accordion than this one. What I like most about this instrument is that it retains the sound of Paolo Soprani.

In fact, nowadays I hear many people saying that the build of the old greys is abysmal in comparison to the modern one. It had poor quality wood. I also remember one more thing. I have read that 70s and 80s were the worst time for the Paolo Soprani. One of my relatives had a late 70s 9 couplar quint tuned model and inner row was muffed so much that it sounded like a different box to bright clear the outer row. He got shut of it and got a Hohner Morini Club.

The new grey 2 couplar has the grill design original from 1940s. These accordions have the jury and what I have found out is that people are quite happy using them. They are getting positive comments from clients. Although it is true that they sound like old accordions, their action is simply fantastic for a 4 voice accordion. If you ask me about the balance, it is great too. And the best part about these accordions is that they look modern and smart as well.

The grey version of 3 voice classic has a lighter sound on 2 reeds and for accomodating this you can make use of the stoppers to quieten the bass by removing low active and even by taking thirds out with the 2nd stopper. With all the three reeds playing, it basically sounds same as 2 couplar.


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