Wire Brushes: One of the Most Commonly Used Industrial Brushes

Wire-Wheel-Brushe-hightbrushWire brushes are available in two different varieties-crimped and straight wire. In crimped wire brushes, each strand of wire has bends or crimps in it. In straight wire brushes, the wire is typically used as it is. Two unique styles are involved here. The crimped wire brushes are basically made in solid wheel varieties while straight wire ones are in knots or twists. Reason for these variations is the manufacturing method. Both the kinds of styles are wires bent such as hair pins. When wires in crimped brushes are doubled back, crimps interlock & are secured inside face plates. However, straight wire ones,are not going to interlock. Thus for locking wire in face plates, wires should be twisted as well as knotted in the individual clumps.

Straight wire brushes are mostly used for gear deburring because of their aggressive nature. The reason why these tools are more aggressive are that being straight, all the wire points are on O.D. where they actually belong. On other hand, crimped wire brushes, have areas around periphery, which are dull because bends of wire are very much exposed. This actually cuts down considerably on amount of work done. Hardness of wire approaches hardened tool steel so that most of the gear materials may be edge-broken or deburred with the wire brushes. The wire brushes are mainly used in places where finish isn’t critical, where time cycles are short and where the burrs have become heavy. Most work done by this brush takes place in initial revolution of gear past brush.

Wire brushes work by lifting burrs & bending them back against parent metal of gear. They then attach burr at this point and wears them away. The brushes will be quite aggressive on edges but are going to do little work on solid areas of gear. This is actually a reason why these brushes work pretty well on the automated equipments like robots. The spur gears are perfect for a wire brush treatment because the heavy burrs can be removed fast and even edge break is generated around tooth profile. The consequence is rounded edge and stronger gear. Brushing has basically reduced the gear failures by ninety percent in some of the heavy duty transmissions.

Wire brushes are even made with stainless steel wire in both the straight and crimped styles. Brushes typically made up of this material are used only where contamination is an issue or on some of the aluminium parts. Moreover, stainless wire isn’t as hard as carbon wire, thus it doesn’t cut. Stainless wire work even hardens quite fast, thus it does not have the life of carbon wire as well.

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