Various Types of Abrasive Brushes

Abrasive BrushesThe use of abrasive brushes  is very common in industrial works that require polishing and smoothing of surfaces to give them a satin or matte finish. These brushes belong to the category of non-woven and bristle brushes which are mostly used for cleaning and deburring purposes. There are some specially provided with nylon filaments for performing edge bending, surface finishing, deburring, etc. The filaments of nylon are produced from abrasive grains stabilized with heat and co-extruding nylon.

The most common types of abrasive brushes used for industrial purposes are as follows:

Cup Shaped: This type of abrasive brush is appropriate for use in such areas that require brushing action in various directions. They are specially suited to reach and clean regions that are difficult to access, and that too from a number of directions.

Wheel Abrasives: For deburring along a linear path of brushing, these wheel shaped brushes are ideal. They facilitate a number of purposes in the industry, which include such functions as elimination of coating and providing surface finishes without altering the geometrical shape of the underlying surface in any way.

Abrasive Strip Brushes: These utilities are specially used for the purpose of cleaning moving chain trolleys. Sometimes they are even employed in performing cleaning works on I-beams and enclosed tracks.

Cylinder Shaped: To scrub the surfaces of coiled metallic sheets, this type is generally preferred by industrial workers. It is generally used prior to applying any type of treatment or similar coating on the sheets.

Abrasive End Brushes: They have flexible filaments which are suited for use in deburring purposes of internal threads and internal surfaces. These industrial tools can be used to clean confined and narrow areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Centreless Grinders: As their name suggests, they are typically used to clean the stubborn dirt on grinding wheels. Their highly abrasive filaments of nylon fitted in a wide surface provide good quality polishing and deburring functions.

Tube Brushes: They feature filaments made from nylon and are generally preferred for deburring inner surfaces of machineries, interiors of pipes, cross drilled holes and threaded holes. Both miniature and standard versions of abrasive tube cleaning brushes are available in the market.

Most of the above mentioned brushes are used in dry industrial works and are generally manufactured using nylon filaments, aluminium oxide grits and silicon carbide. Among them, those made with nylon filaments and silicon carbide are highly preferred because they are harder and sharper than the ones designed using aluminium oxide.

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