How We-Are-Entrepreneurs Came Into The Scene?

Simon DodsonHello, this is Simon Dodson, the owner of we-are-entrepreneurs. I thought it would be great if I introduce how we-are-entrepreneurs came about and so I have written this blog. If you’re already a fan of my Facbook page, then you definitely know about it because I was pretty much excited when I launched the site. I made everyone aware of it.

However, if you are not following me on Facebook, then here is the link for you:

To cut it short, I love to discuss business & entrepreneurship with other people. I also love to watch videos about people’s success stories. And I thought it would be great if you too could watch other  people go through life as entrepreneur facing ups & downs of entrepreneurship and that’s the reason I decided to make a video that talked about my journey.

I shared the video on my Facebook page and the response was simply amazing. There were nearly 3000 views of my video in the first few days and the response that I got from like-minded people was surprising as well—it inspired me to take the idea of videoing my journey as an entrepreneur one step ahead and that gave birth to we-are-entrepreneur.

I want you all to see where I was at in the beginning and how much positive attitude and believing in myself had changed my life. Initially, I only had £1600 in bank and I believed that I will be a millionaire by age of 30. Now, I am on right track and I think I will achieve my goal sooner.

Now you can find a lot of my journey sharing videos (the journey that I have passed through life as a businessman) and I am very much honest with the approach. I share everything that I come across as a businessman who is involved in MLM in UK-my successes, my failures, my mistakes and everything else.

What I believe is everyone makes mistakes and so making mistakes is not a big deal. It is how we deal with those mistakes matter.

If going through life as a businessman was an easy task, then everyone would easily do it. At we-are-entrepreneurs I look forward to entrepreneurs sharing their journey, sharing their success stories and joining other successful businessmen of future.


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