Things Used For Setting Up Exhibition Stands

Things Used For Setting Up Exhibition Stands 2.jpgDuring the last few years, revolutionary changes have taken place in materials and designs used for setting exhibition stands. Until some decades ago, exhibitors in Sydney incorporated heavy materials for constructing their displays, which were undoubtedly difficult and cumbersome to make and move. In the modern times, however, the focus is primarily on lightweight materials and fabrics that are simple to use and can be set up as well as taken down without much hassle.

Current fads within this sector encompass the shift towards usage of acrylic and fabrics with significant emphasis on organic shapes, bold colours and attractive lighting & interesting shapes.

Materials :  

Being lightweight and simple to handle, polymethyl methacrylate and fabric have become common preferences of exhibitors to construct different kinds of display media. These materials prove to be highly effective when employed for creating eye catching displays to use in conferences, trade shows and other events. For instance, many individuals use Perspex plinths as a part of their exhibition stands. Besides that, wood and metal are also considered as cost-effective and durable options, although their bulkiness mars their popularity at times.

Lighting : 

Previously, the only lighting used by most exhibitors in their stands was that given by event organisers. Though it was quite okay for certain products, it failed in providing a delightful experience to visitors. Nowadays, however, separate arrangements of lighting have become widespread and are commonly used for augmenting and highlighting appearance of the products. They are available in an extensive range of products including spot lights, gobos, wash lights, etc. Exhibitors even use them to achieve special effects for attracting potential customers and stick out in competition.

Modernised Shapes : 

Contemporary and more appealing shapes have come out recently in displays. These are designed using advanced computer programs for the sole purpose of increasing brand recognition and drawing the attention of passers by. Some of them include intriguing waves, tombs and other intricate shapes simply meant to pique interest. Besides that, transparent polymers and plastic fabrication have also enabled construction of extensively shaped displays and stands.

Gone are the days when people use to worry about transporting heavy display media to venues. Modern age lightweight materials and advanced lighting products have eased the task of setting up exhibition stands to a great extent. In addition to that, creation of contemporary eye catching shapes have also given a prodigious amount of leverage to the overall process.


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