Features and Benefits of Colorbond Fencing

fence_vinyl_3.jpgColorbond fencing is made up of steel. You have panels of Colorbond fencing, which are generally more like 2.4 metres wide. The panels are made up of a frame & infill panels. This means, each of the panel has got a top as well as a bottom rail and side posts. There are even 3 infill panels so that they’re easy to handle.

These fences look fantastic. However, if you think some other way, you are just a small minority.

They are available in a wide range of colors like willow, meadow, evergreen, hedge, bluestone, estate, summershade and eclipse.

So, as Colorbond fencing in Perth is available in different colours, you may mix it up and use something different for your posts and rails and some other colour for your infill panels. You can even have the option of different profiles. Various suppliers after all have various profiles. So, you can undoubtedly go for a profile, which looks the same on both the sides.

Its method of installation is also not much a laborious task but there are a few reasons you must consider having it installed professionally. Rather than needing to dig a trench, you only need dig holes where posts will go in at ends of every panel.

Colorbond fencing is strong as it’s concreted in and not held in by earth. However, it can be installed by quickset cement but it’s not recommended. To get a strong fence, mix must be made using roadbase for aggregation.

Matching Colorbond gates can be installed keeping in mind the colour of the fence. Moreover, if you want, you can even match the fence to the colour of the Colorbond roof that you have in your home.

Colorbond fencing can be installed above limestone blocks. This means even if you’ve a limestone retaining wall on the boundary of your home, it may be core drilled, which is certainly easier & less messy, probably cheaper as well.


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