What To Do When You Are Getting A Shared Fence

During any typical fence installation or repair project in Perth, a person generally consults a professional contractor to ensure its successful completion as per existing regulations. However, if you are getting a shared fence for your property, you will need to consult one more person – and that person is your neighbour. Not only will the expenses be divided between you and him or her, but both of you are going to have equal say in the cost and kind of fencing installed.

Shared fence installation projects generally have the potential to turn out as wastage of time and money if not properly done. Therefore, your very first move should be to find and locate some reputed fencing contractors in Perth and choose an effective one from among them. A good professional can not only provide effective suggestions and advice about the right type of fencing by examining both of your properties, but also prevent your investment from going into waste. He or she will even act like a third party and work neutrally without being in favour of anyone. But to make that happen, you and your neighbour will have to undertake the task of finding a good fencing contractor collectively.

Once a well documented agreement has been reached and the work is about to begin, both parties must convey their requirements to the professional, who would then consider the ones which are best for you as well as your neighbour. In case the fencing will be surrounding a pool, there are some Australian regulations about fences around swimming pools that you must take into account properly. Make sure that your contractor has a sound knowledge about them too. Dismiss the professional if he or she don’t, and find someone who does. It is also important for you and your neighbour to consider the significance of building regulations in the fencing work. Take steps to ensure that your contractor is well aware of the existing standards.

tips-to-choose-the-right-fence-contractor.pngIn case your neighbour advocates for something more expensive than your choice, know that you must pay only half of the cost of standard fencing installation. It is your neighbour who will pay the extra amount. And as has been mentioned before, maintain a written document for the agreement that both of you reach along with date and signature. Both you and your neighbour must retain a copy of it.

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