5 Must Have Apparels For The Journey To Motherhood

It’s really necessary that you buy maternity clothes from maternity clothing stores, at the time of your pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes

Then nowhere it is written that you have to clear out your wardrobe to fit in all the maternity clothes that you bought from the maternity clothing stores. You can wear the things you already have in your closet. You can still rock your looks by the normal clothes.

  1. Leggings: You can always be in style with your black stretchy leggings. You can wear them on your bloated days. Tuck it in your boots, and you are good to go. After the baby, you can wear them to hide the still remaining pooch. Even when your baby bump is big you can slouch it down and wear the leggings for more comfort.
  2. Tunic: These oversize tops you used to wear before your pregnancy. Maybe without leggings then, but now during your pregnancy, you can wear them with leggings or skinny jeans. After the birth, this one can add as an extra cover, as it helps in nursing.
  3. Maxi dress: Today’s women love to stay on trend. Go for the flowing maxi dresses, that will look really stylish. Your collarbones and shoulders will be on the show, and you will look fabulous. These oversized dresses will compliment your style sense, and you can wear them at any stage of your pregnancy.
  4. Long tank top: Long tank tops are the ones you cannot go without them. Go for stretchy microfiber blends for the materials. Look for thick straps to hide the bra straps. Wear this under any clothe or alone, the length of it will be enough to hide your bump and will cover your rear. Pair the tank with your skinny jeans.
  5. Fold over yoga pants: Black yoga pants that have a black boot cut. You can go to the gym and also to the store wearing this. Fold the pant under your bump or over it and you are good to go. Your baby bump will be hidden. If you have c-section, you will love these pants. This doesn’t produce irritation on the incision, while it’s still recovering.

These clothes are really comfortable for before, during and after pregnancy. You can buy these clothes but also you might already have these in your closet.

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