Landline Vs Smartphone

Smartphones are the constant companion in our lives these days. Latest smartphones enhance our lifestyle into another level. However, this wasn’t the case from the start.

Landline Vs Smartphone

At first, it was the landline, which set the milestone and dragged to the new era latest smartphones. Landlines were the communicator, that used to be in our homes and we could communicate with people through it. It was connected with wires.

In earlier days when the modern cell phone wasn’t invented and wasn’t that popular among people, the landline was the only way of communicating with people who lived far away. So many people still have landline connections in their home. However, the majority of phone users have switched to smartphones these days.

Smartphones have too many advantages. Which are not available with landlines. With the new application system, new age phones have achieved an upper hand over almost everything.

The most important thing about smartphones is, that you can carry it with you, anywhere you want. You don’t even have to worry about the connectivity, because its’ wireless. Then not just phone calls, you can text the so many people at once. Not just normal texting, there are so many apps available with your smartphone, so that texting has appeared into another level. You can add expressions into them and even send voice messages and make video calls through it.

When you carry your smartphone with you. It can give you the directions to the place you want to go. So that you can never be lost again. It was definitely not an option with landlines.

The Internet is the most important thing in a smartphone. If you have an internet connection in it, you can do anything you want with your mobile. Previously you couldn’t play games on your landline. Now, you can be the best gamer with your new smartphone. You even can play offline if you want.

From texting to listening to music and so many other options you can avail with latest smartphones. While none of these were possible with landlines.

Still, landlines are useful for big families. Then again in this era of nuclear families smartphones act as a boon as well. Either way, the cope of smartphones surpass that of landlines.

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