4 Reason Why Your Off Road Tires Don’t Last For Long

As a vehicle owner, we always wish our vehicle to perform at its best for a long period of time. May it be a bumpy road or a concrete highway, we expect that our vehicle will serve us with equal efficiency. But have we ever focused on what needs to be done in order to get the best performance from our vehicle? Here are 4 reasons why your off road tires in Philippines didn’t last long.

Off Road Tires Philippines

Reason 1 – Poor Inspection

The foremost reason that your off road tire didn’t lasted long is because you didn’t inspect them from time to time. You do take care of the engine, nourish it with quality oil. But when it comes to tires, you simply fill them up at the gas station and then forget about them. Timely inspection may have detected problem in its initial stage and you would have fixed it at a much lower cost.

Reason 2 – No Research

When it comes to off road tires, there are hardly any brand names that you can recall apart from 1-2 worldwide brands. This is because you didn’t work on the research part. All you know is that the dealer will offer me the best tire and once the sale is done, the dealer forgets about all the promises that he made to you at the time of selling the off road tire.

Reason 3 – Price Over Quality

Cash crunch, due bills, instalments, etc., may have started to flood your mind when you saw a good tire, but the cost was too high. Then you decided to go with the cheapest one because afterall they are just tire! Choose a tire based on your budget and quality requirement. Do not hold at extreme ends, rather compare between the price and quality.

Reason 4 – Because The Mechanic Said So…

The most common reason for poor selection of tires is because the mechanic had advised so. People tend to trust their mechanics blindly, but sometimes they look for their personal gains. The result is that mechanics lure you into buying used tires and the result is that they make a good profit and you end up paying them more service charges from time to time.

Overcoming these mistakes can easily help you to take care of your off road tires in Philippines. Always remind yourself its your vehicle and it depends on for care and maintenance.

Off Road Tires Philippines

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