Breastfeeding Friendly Tops Don’t Let You Compromise With Fashion

In today’s world fashion has become an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. People from all around the world follow fashion trends and are very concerned about their looks. However, after pregnancy mothers start to think that they can no longer follow the current trend as they are constantly required to feed the new born. A solution to this problem is breastfeeding friendly tops.


Breastfeeding tops are a combination of fashion and utility that allow moms to take care of the new born along with carrying their style statement flawlessly. These tops are designed in a manner where the extra cloth remains folded in a stylish manner. On the other hand, whenever the mother needs to feed her child, all that she needs to do is make a small space within the spacing and insert the baby’s face comfortably. Neither the moms, nor the baby faces any issues in breastfeeding.

A common problem that is associated with breastfeeding is lack of covering. Breastfeeding friendly tops are designed with extra cloth that covers the baby while it is being breastfed. Irrespective whether the mother is in a get-together or in an outdoor picnic, she can easily breastfeed her child without thinking about lifting her top or finding a separate place to hide. Earlier mothers would find it difficult to breastfeed their child in public because there were no such tops that were specifically made with a view to facilitate breastfeeding. With time, the need became a common issue and hence breastfeeding tops were introduced.

Nonetheless, buying breastfeeding tops only makes sense if the experience is good. The foremost requirement is to check with the quality of top. The material must have a high percentage of cotton as it enhances the comfort level. Factors such as fitting also plays an important role. If the top is too tight or too loose, it will not all look good on mothers. Tight means lesser space for baby’s head to enter and loose means too much of extra cloth on sides, making the mother look fat.


Ideal breastfeeding friendly tops are a perfect example of how a blend of quality and utility can go hand in hand. Being a mother doesn’t mean that style statement needs to be compromised, rather it is a special feeling that every woman should experience in their lifetime.

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