Hospital Bag List For Every Mama-to-be

Have you started to prepare yourself for hospital stay already? Then the due date must be near to you. It is an exciting moment for every proud mama-to-be, to finally welcome their baby.

Hospital Bag List For Every Mama-to-be

It is important to set your hospital bag ready within 1 week before the big day. We are here to help you to set your bag so that you do not forget to pack any of your essential things. But first of all, remember, do not make a giant bag so that you need to hire an Iron man to lift it! Make it handy as you can carry by yourself. You must carry the following-

Pack Your ID Proof, And Hospital Paperwork:

Make photocopies of all of your previous medical reports. If you got medical insurance don’t forget to pack everything on time. Make sure you have packed your ID card. Keep all these official documents in a safe place. Do not mix this up with other things.

Keep Comfy Clothes:

Do not forget to pack Nursing Clothes which you’ll need post delivery. Keep a nightgown to make yourself comfortable at night. Choose cotton based easygoing clothes, where you’ll be comfortable every moment.

Arrange Toiletries:

Pack Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair-brush, ties, shampoo, face wash (if needed) and a hand sanitizer.


Pack some lightweight snacks such as sneakers, granola bar, wafers or any other you like. Because it is a known fact, most people don’t like hospital foods very much.

Carry Slippers Or Flip-Flop:

Using slippers and flip-flops are the best option during hospital days rather than roaming on barefoot. You’ll need slippers to pace around before labor.

Don’t Forget Your Skin Care Product:

Taking care of your skin is important during hospital days. Due to dryness, your skin may get dry. So don’t forget to pack moisturizer and foot cream.

Maternity Pads:

You’ll bleed heavily after the birth, than usual. And it is natural. Try to carry maternity pads with you as many as possible. Your hospital will provide you, but you’ll always want you to keep it in your reach.

Phone Charger:

You’ll get bored without your phone. Keep the phone charger in your hospital bag. Take a lot of pictures of your newborn and share with your friends and loved one. Don’t forget to put it back in your bag.


Books will save you from ultimate boredom. Keep a handy book which one you love to read a lot.


Someone may find discomfort in hospital pillows. It’s safe to carry your comfy pillow with you so that you can sleep and sit on comfortably.

After delivery, you need to relax yourself up and listening to your favourite tunes. So make sure you put your headphones in your bag.

Keep your hospital bag ready and start counting your date! If you feel any labor sign, contact your doctor immediately. About clothes, always depend on comfy maternity clothes from the best Maternity Clothing Stores so that you face no issues with comfort, during your precious maternity time.

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