6 Tips To Breastfeed Your Baby At Night Hassle-Free

A newborn needs to feed at least 10 times a day. This is why wearing nursing wear for mothers throughout the day helps a lot during this time. The only nutrition a newborn needs in the first few months is breastmilk, which is very easily digestible. Thus, a newborn always wakes up in the middle of the night in hunger. Whenever you wake up at night normally, it takes some time to get acquainted with your surroundings. So, it’s granted that your sleep will get disrupted whenever your baby will wake up, but you can feed your baby without any hassle with the help of these tips.

Use A Lie-Down Position

breastfeeding tips

A lying down position while breastfeeding is beneficial for both the child and the mother. It can be a bit difficult to get into that position at first, but with practice, it can be easily done. Just lie down on your side and use as many pillows as you want to get comfortable. Make the baby lie on the side with chin touching your breasts, and his head tipped a little backward as he latches on. This way, you can both rest during breastfeeding.

Keep Your Baby Close

Breastfeeding tips

Stay close to your baby and share a room or even the cot if necessary. Just use a firm mattress with a clean sheet over it. Staying close to your baby, not only makes feeding easy for you, but it also saves you from the hassle of putting a fully awake and irritated baby back to sleep.

Wear Breastfeeding Friendly Top

breastfeeding friendly tops

If you have a habit of changing before going to bed at night, then go to bed wearing a breastfeeding friendly top. This way your baby, won’t have to wait and you can grant access easily during night-time.

Don’t Turn The Lights On

breastfeeding tips

Don’t turn the room lights on when your baby wakes up at night and start crying, otherwise they might become more cranky. Keep the room dark and quiet so that he/she falls asleep immediately. If you must look at something, keep a flashlight handy.

Be Organized

Breastfeeding tips

Keep things like a bottle of water, snacks, baby diapers, etc you may need during the night handy. In this way, you can avoid getting up in the middle of the night for every little thing.

Take Short Naps

Breastfeeding tips

Take naps whenever possible during the night. It is also highly recommended that you should nap when your baby naps during the day. This will make a lot of difference and you will feel much better.

Follow these tips and you won’t feel so tired all the time during the day.

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